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  • Certification reports have changed – reimport the reports and update any custom reports! (TODO)
  • Customization Improvements
  • User interface improvements
    • Improved assignment/inducement target selection popup
    • Additional registration form based on object lifecycle
    • Form validation expressions
    • New system configuration page
    • TODO: custom "user" tasks
  • Provisioning
    • Minor improvements to connector paging support
    • Full support for capabilities per object type
    • Major update of consistency mechanism
  • Miscellaneous improvements
    • Improved documentation
    • Error criticality handling improvement
    • Legacy support for XPath2 was removed, expression processing code was cleaned up.
    • Improved Maven overlay support
    • Assignment subtype
    • Run bulk action from policy rules.
    • Docker containerization improvements.
    • User interface testing framework (a.k.a. "Schroedinger")
  • Connectors
    • Support for native timestamps in ConnId framework, LDAP and Active Directory connectors.
    • Full support for ConnId updateDelta() operation in LDAP and AD connectors.
    • Additional search filter support in LDAP and AD connectors.
    • Support for connector instance name (InstanceNameAware)