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We are not maintaining "bug compatibility". Bug is always a bug problem and it should be fixed. If something was is wrong in midPoint then we will fix it. Even if it was wrong for ages and even if some people relied on wrong behavior. We are sorry, but in this case we prefer correctness and integrity over compatibility. Otherwise we may end up in a maintenance hell which may actually mean a dead end for entire product line. However, it is very likely that we will be more benevolent when it comes to LTS releases. Such bugs will still get fixed, even in LTS releases. But for LTS there is likely to be a configuration option or a workaround that may enable the old behavior. But this option only applies to LTS versions and to fixes backed by midPoint subscribers. There is no such option for feature releases.


Bootstrapping LTS Program


The LTS program is not yet in effect. We plan to create first LTS release soon. We have been thinking about the LTS model for quite some time. But some details were still missing. There may be even some "LTS" markers in this wiki, JIRA or elsewhere. All these markers should be considered unofficial - until the LTS program is officially announced. Which is very likely to happen soon.

It is likely that the first LTS release will be midPoint 3.10 planned for spring 2019. It is still not completely out of the question that even 3.9 may become LTS, but we are making no promises here. We will announce the program when we will be ready. Probably at the time that the first LTS release is announced. As the first LTS release will actually have longer support lifetime than usual this should be only a good news to everyone.

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