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Support lifetime is applied to (minor/major) midPoint releases. Maintenance releases do not change support lifetime and they have no support lifetime of their own. Support lifetime begins with the release of (minor/major) midPoint versions, e.g. midPoint 3.8. That release is followed by maintenance releases (e.g. midPoint 3.8.1) that are released during the support lifetime of the (minor/major) version. Those maintenance release are not prolonging the support lifetime. Once the original (minor/major) release is at the end of support lifetime, the all the maintenance releases also become unsupported. Therefore once the support lifetime of midPoint 3.8 is over, the support ends also for versions 3.8.1, 3.8.2 any other maintenance release in the 3.8.x family.

titleRelease process and versioning

For the explanation of midPoint release process, versioning scheme and other technical details about midPoint releases please see the Release Process page.

Maintenance Releases

Maintenance release are the releases that bring bugfixes after a main release (e.g. midPoint 3.7.1 release). Maintenance release will be released as needed. But it is possible that for some feature releases there may be no maintenance release at all. On the other hand, we expect several maintenance releases for LTS versions.