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MidPoint already has reporting features that can be used to create similar reports. However, reusability of current reporting features for the purposes of compliance reporting is quite limited. It is possible, but it is very likely that a heavy customization of the reporting mechanism may be needed to create nice compliance report. But this can be improved. We can create reporting templates that are tailored especially for the purposes of compliance reporting. This is likely to require new functions in midPoint reporting components, but those functions can be created. MidPoint should be fully capable of creating camera-ready printable compliance reports.

Follow up: Remediation

TODO: how remediation is a continuation of compliance

Compliance features are without any doubt necessary. And they will make an excellent extension of existing midPoint features. But we do not plan to stop there. Compliance features can be used to find policy violations and to act on them to remediate the situation. However, such actions may still not be entirely easy to do manually without any assistance. Fortunately, midPoint could provide such assistance. We plan to implement features that could significantly improve remediation process. We consider this to be a natural extension of compliance features.

Please see Remediation page for more details.

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