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There are several Interfaces that you can use. Namely:

All the three interfaces provide services that are roughly equivalent. Approximately 95% of Almost all midPoint features are available by using these interfaces. We are using the local Java API ourselves (as given by midPoint architecture), so almost all features that you can see in midPoint GUI is available in all of these interfaces.

I want to use the SOAP-based web service interface. Where do I start?

First, you should understand midPoint data model. All the interfaces are based on the paradigm of modifying data model objects. This page is a good start: Basic Data Model

The formal interface definition can be found here: IDM Model Web Service Interface

The data model is governed by the XSD schema, which is also referenced in the interface definition (WSDL). See the individual XSD files for details, they are reasonably well documented inline. The XSD files and interface definitions are also conveniently bundled in midPoint binary distribution. So you should already have them when you downloaded midPoint. Additionaly, you can refer to the generated data model documentation: SchemaDoc

There is a wiki page that provides wire-level examples of the interface usage. This is interesting especially for non-Java and non-schema-aware clients (most scripting languages): IDM Model Web Service Interface Examples

For Java applications we have created a complete library that contains already generated Java classes for all the data model entities. This can be conveniently used as a JAX-WS client: Model Web Service Client

To get some idea about interface usage see Model Web Service Client Sample. This sample code contains several common operations over midPoint objects.

Even more examples can be found by examining the test code. There is one test that is especially designed to test the web service:'t. SOAP interface is deprecated and it will be removed soon. Please use RESTful service instead.


Where can I get support?