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  • Consistency mechanism in midPoint was update and aligned with manual connectors, taking into account possible future extension for asynchronous provisioning operations. Old shadow "consistency" properties (objectChange, result, attemptNumber, failedOperationType) are no longer used. Their content is ignored. All operations that are not completed immediately are now recorded in pendingOperation container.
  • Version numbers of some bundled connectors have changed. Therefore connector references from the resource definitions that are using the bundled connectors need to be updated.
  • New resource capability (delta update) was introduced. Therefore please make sure that native resource capabilities are refreshed for resources that support delta update capability (most notably LDAP and AD connectors).
  • TODO: primaryIdentifierValue

Changes in initial objects since 3.8


  • Report API is changed, including the remote reporting inteface: TODO
  • Variable typing and more strict checks. Which means that midPoint 4.0 is slightly less tolerant configuration errors.

Known Issues and Limitations