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titleJohannes Gutenberg

Johannes Gutenberg (c.1400 - 1468) was German blacksmith, goldsmith, printer and publisher who introduced printing to Europe with the printing press. .....


Table of Contents


Majority of the work on the Watt release was done by the Evolveum team. However, this release would not be possible without the help of our partners, customers, contributors, friends and families. We would like to express our thanks to all the people that contributed to the midPoint project both by providing financial support, their own time or those that maintain a pleasant and creative environment for midPoint team. However, midPoint project would not exist without proper funding. Therefore we would like to express our deepest gratitude to all midPoint subscribers that made midPoint project possible.


Changes with respect to version 3.



  • TODO: incompatible schema changes (e.g. iterators)
  • User interface improvements
    • Improved assignment/inducement target selection popup
    • Additional registration form based on object lifecycle
    • Form validation expressions
    • New system configuration page
    • Custom actions for object lists ("user" tasks that can be launched from GUI)
    • Custom pre-registration form
    • Shopping cart improvements
    • Organization tree page performance improvements
    • Miscellaneous user experience improvements
  • Customization Improvements
  • Provisioning
    • Full use of improved ConnId framework (
    • Minor improvements to connector paging support
    • Full support for capabilities per object type
    • Major update of consistency mechanism
  • Connectors
    • Support for native timestamps in ConnId framework, LDAP and Active Directory connectors.
    • Full support for ConnId updateDelta() operation in LDAP and AD connectors.
    • Additional search filter support in LDAP and AD connectors.
    • Active directory connector may use user's own identity when changing password
    • Support for connector instance name (InstanceNameAware)
    • Minor improvements to CSV connector (contributed)
  • Miscellaneous improvements
    • Improved documentation
    • Error criticality handling improvement
    • Legacy support for XPath2 was removed, expression processing code was cleaned up.
    • Improved Maven overlay support
    • Run bulk action from policy rules.
    • Docker containerization improvements.
    • User interface testing framework (a.k.a. "Schroedinger")
    • Automatic detection of database schema version and compatibility
    • Support for listing of object items that are deprecated or planned for removal
    • Minor improvements to REST interface


  • Apache Tomcat 8.5 (8.5.4). Tomcat 8.0.x is no longer supported as its support life is over (EOL).
  • BEA/Oracle WebLogic (12c) - (warning) special subscription required


titleWeb container (application server) support

Currently there are no plans to remove support for deployed midPoint installation using a WAR file. However, it is possible that this deployment form will get phased out eventually unless there are active subscribers preferring this deployment method. MidPoint subscription is strongly recommended if you plan to use this method in the future.



MidPoint is software that is designed for easy upgradeability. We do our best to maintain strong backward compatibility of midPoint data model, configuration and system behavior. However, midPoint is also very flexible and comprehensive software system with a very rich data model. It is not humanly possible to test all the potential upgrade paths and scenarios. Also some changes in midPoint behavior are inevitable to maintain midPoint development pace. Therefore we can assure reliable midPoint upgrades only for midPoint subscribers. This section provides overall overview of the changes and upgrade procedures. Although we try to our best it is not possible to foresee all possible uses of midPoint. Therefore the information provided in this section are for information purposes only without any guarantees of completeness. In case of any doubts about upgrade or behavior changes please use services associated with midPoint subscription or purchase professional services.