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This demo shows how to run midPoint container with PstgreSQL repository implementation.

The image can be found in the Evolveum/midpoint-docker GitHub project.



Code Block
$ cd demo/postgresql
$ docker-compose up --build


After docker-compose up command successfully finishes you should see something like this on the console:


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postgresql_midpoint_server_1  | 2019-02-22 15:07:50,222 [] [main] INFO (org.springframework.boot.web.embedded.tomcat.TomcatWebServer): Tomcat started on port(s): 8080 (http) with context path '/midpoint'
postgresql_midpoint_server_1  | 2019-02-22 15:07:50,230 [] [main] INFO (com.evolveum.midpoint.web.boot.MidPointSpringApplication): Started MidPointSpringApplication in 74.425 seconds (JVM running for 77.109)


Now you can log into midPoint using httpshttp://localhost:8080/midpoint URL, with an user of administrator and a password of 5ecr3t.

You can safely ignore console messages like this:


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postgresql_midpoint_data_1  | ERROR:  could not serialize access due to read/write dependencies among transactions
postgresql_midpoint_data_1  | DETAIL:  Reason code: Canceled on identification as a pivot, during write.
postgresql_midpoint_data_1  | HINT:  The transaction might succeed if retried.


This is a part of standard midPoint conflict resolution process. The mentioned transactions are really retried and they succeed eventually.