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WORK IN PROGRESS - long-term plan

Table of Contents

Strategic Tasks

  • Reduce dependencies on old Sun XML libraries.
    • This may mean moving away from JAXB completely, including the code-generation plugins
    • It may also mean moving away from XSD completely
  • Prism API

Schema Improvements

  • Remove <extension>
    • May cause UPA problem in XSD, but we may get rid of XSD anyway
  • Primitive type for definition/schema
    • Use in: resource schema, role schema, archetype schema
  • Get rid of the JAXB-induced dichotomies
    • PolyString vs PolyStringType
  • Dynamic schema, e.g. archetype schema
  • Support for "map", e.g. {en => foo, sk => fú, ... }

  • Support for "list" or ordered values.
  • 100% namespace-free operation
  • QName and URI are the same thing.
  • Namespaces and versioning
    • It is not a good idea to have version in the namespace. We need more sophistication in versioning and compatibility.
  • PolyString as container.
  • Every structured data as container.
  • New schema language?
    • We are hitting the limits of XSD for a long time already. Maybe it is time for next step?

See also Prism 5 Notes

Decisions To Make

  • Audit log: the path through SIEM/DWH seems to be a failure. What to do to make logs usable? Create our own small warehouse? Use Elastic?
  • Reporting: Jasper or no Jasper?
  • Primary development/configuration tool: IntelliJ IDEA?
  • What to do with resource wizard? Keep in GUI? Rework? Move to IDE?
  • Repository: Special implementation for Postgres? Get rid of hibernate?
  • What to do with ConnId? Work on ConnId2? Create a new framework to replace ConnId?
  • How to improve troubleshooting?

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