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titleOrdinal tags

Avoid the temptation to use ordinal values as tags (e.g. "#1", "#2" and so on). Such tags may look good, but they are very problematic in practice. First problem is how to assign them, as they depend on other accounts that are linked to the user. Then there is problem of numbering "gaps" when a particular account is deleted. But perhaps the worst problem is when account ownership needs to be changed. Then the tags need to be recomputed. Having tags that change all the time create a fragile configuration and makes it difficult to diagnose the situation. It is always better to find some kind of identifier in the account data to be used as a tag.

MidPoint lacks convenient support for tags as ordinary numbers. This is somehow done by purpose, to avoid the temptation. However, we might be willing to implement it given sufficient funding.

Inbound Mappings

TODO: collected from all the "tags"

Since midPoint 4.0, inbound mappings work across all the accounts. They merge the output values together. This works also with all the "tagged" accounts. E.g. the common case is that each of the accounts will produce one assignment representing employment contract. This is usually implemented in an inbound mapping. Therefore there is just one inbound mapping that produces one assignment. But there may be several "tagged" accounts for which this mapping is applied. All such assignments from all the accounts are merged together and set to the user.

Mapping Range

One of the difficult parts of setting up inbound mappings is the problem of a range. E.g. typical situation is that some assignments are managed automatically by the means of inbound mappings. But other assignments are managed manually. It is important to distinguish those assignments and properly set range of inbound mappings. Otherwise inbound mappings may overwrite assignments that are assigned manually or managed by other means.

See Inbound Mapping and Mapping pages for the details.


This "multiaccounts" feature is not implemented completely. The implementation is currently limited: