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DatabaseTable Connector

(Sun ICF)

Generic database table (JDBC).
Tested with MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL

This connector originated from Sun ICF, taken over by OpenICF and then taken over by Evolveum.

CSV Connector



Manipulates content of CSV-formatted files.

Good for integration to HR-like source systems that export data to CSV.
Rewrite of the CSV connector from scratch.

LDAP Connector



LDAP-based directory servers. Complete rewrite based on Apache Directory API. Apache-licensed.

This is an LDAP connector completely rewritten from scratch. It is using Apache Directory API and it is designed and built to work with recent ConnId versions and to take all the advantages of that. Although this connector may not yet have all the exotic features (such as support for AD LDAP quirks) it is the way forward. Use this connector whenever possible.
Distributed in LDAP connector bundle. There are support limitations.

Active Directory Connector (LDAP)



LDAP-based connector for Active Directory servers.

This is a specialization of the new LDAP Connector that supports Microsoft LDAP quirks.
Distributed in LDAP connector bundle. There are support limitations.
See Active Directory with LDAP connector.

SSH Connector



Connector that can execute provisioning scripts by using SSH protocol.

Scripting-only connector. Does not support any create/read/update/delete (CRUD) operations.

This connector is usually combined with other connectors, most notably LDAP Connector and Active Directory Connector (LDAP).

PowerShell Connector



Connector that can execute PowerShell scripts by using WinRM interface.

Scripting-only connector. Does not support any create/read/update/delete (CRUD) operations.

This connector is usually combined with Active Directory Connector (LDAP).

This connector was deprecated in favor of SSH Connector.

UNIXSupportableConnIdLinux (RedHat, Ubuntu)
Microsoft Graph API ConnectorSupportable
EvolveumMicrosoft Azure AD and Office365Connector for Microsoft Graph API. It is meant to manage users in Microsoft cloud applications, such as Azure AD and Office365.
Microsoft Office 365This connector was contributed. However, due to lack of interest from midPoint subscribers the connector was not maintained.
This connector is DEPRECATED. Please consider using of Graph API connector instead.
GitLab (REST)


GitLab server
EvolveumLiferay PortalTested on 6.2-ce-ga4, support ACCOUNT and assignments to Roles and Org. structure over ID
CMDSupportableConnIdExecutes arbitrary commandsDoes not seem to support object renaming.
Google AppsSupportable
Google API and OAuth

ScriptedSQL Connector



Very generic database connector based on Groovy/JavaScript scripting.

For databases with data in more then one table with joins, or when procedures are to be called.

SASSupportableEvolveumSAS Metadata ServerThis connector is quite outdated. But it can be supported if needed.
Atlassian Jira (REST)DeprecatedEvolveumAtlassian JiraDevelopment of this connector was not finished. The maintenance is now stopped. It can be resumed if there is enough financial incentive.
Box ConnectorDeprecatedEvolveumBox (cloud service)Development of this connector was not finished.
Box Connector (SDK)CommunityExclamation LabsBox (SDK)This connector supports using the official SDK. Third party support for this connector is available. 
SAP ConnectorSupportableEvolveumSAP R/3Tested on SAP System (R07)  Netweaver 7 EHP
2 (aka 7.31)
Drupal 7 ConnectorSupportableEvolveumDrupal 7Tested on Drupal 7.33, 7.53
SmartSmartRecruiters ConnectorSupportableEvolveumSmartRecruiters
SCIMv1 Generic ConnectorExperimentalEvolveumSCIM v1.1 compliant servicesGeneric connector with limited usability. Please consider using a service-specific connectors instead.
SCIM v1 Slack connectorSupportableEvolveumSlack services (SCIMv1.1 API)Child extension of the SCIM v1 generic connector
SCIM v1 Salesforce connectorSupportableEvolveumSalesforce platform (SCIMv1.1 API)Child extension of the SCIM v1 generic connector


ExperimentalEvolveumOpenStack REST API (keystone, nova)Created as a PoC and demo purposes at FOSDEM2016.

Siebel Connector

Siebel customized SOAP WS exposed at 3rd party middleware integration layer.Tested: Siebel 8.1.1
Connector code is experimental, it may be incomplete and it may require code changes.
PeopleSoft HCM connectorSupportableEvolveum
XML exported files from the PeopleSoft Human Capital Management (HCM) software.Connector used to pull data from XML file exports.
CoupaCommunityEvolveum (contributed)Coupa Cloud Platform (REST Coupa API)
SWITCH edu-ID Affiliation ConnectorSupportableEvolveumSWITCH edu-ID SCIM API

Scripted REST Connector

(Evolveum modifications)
Generic REST service.Needs customization with Groovy scripts for every operation.
This connector it DEPRECATED. Using groovy scripts to write connectors is a maintenance nightmare. Evolveum created a generic superclass for REST connector (in Polygon project). The use of the superclass is recommended as a replacement for OpenICF Scripted REST connector.
Waveset ConnectorExperimentalEvolveumOracle Waveset (Sun Identity Manager)
Grouper ConnectorSupportableEvolveumGrouper (Internet2 et al.)
Banner ConnectorCommunitycommunityEllucian BannerAn initiative to develop source connector for Ellucian Banner.
Amazon Cognito User Pool ConnectorCommunitycommunityAmazon Cognito User Pool
FreeIPA ConnectorCommunitycommunityRedHat FreeIPA
Keycloak ConnectorCommunityCommunityRedHat Keycloak
Gluu ConnectorCommunityCommunityGluuSCIM-based connector for Gluu SSO, MFA
OKTA ConnectorCommunityCommunityOKTA
GoToMeeting ConnectorCommunityCommunityGoToMeeting
WebEx ConnectorCommunityCommunityCisco WebEx
SAP UME ConnectorCommunityCommunitySAP Portal (java stack)SPML
Guacamole ConnectorCommunityCommunityApache Guacamole
Datadog ConnectorCommunityCommunityDatadog
Pulumi ConnectorCommunityCommunityPulumi
GitHub ConnectorCommunityCommunityGitHub

Please see Legacy Identity Connectors for the list of legacy connectors and old connectors with an unknown status.