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Release date: 22nd October 2019
Release type: Maintenance release
End of support: 8th September 2022

titleJohannes Gutenberg

Johannes Gutenberg (c.1400 - 1468) was German blacksmith, goldsmith, printer and publisher who introduced printing to Europe with the printing press. Information sharing that was enabled by printing caused a cultural and scientific revolution. Modern period of human history was born. The effect of Gutenberg's inventions can hardly be overstated. However, it was not just the printing press itself that made a difference. Gutenberg created entire printing system: the press, adjustable molds, oil-based ink, mechanical movable type and the alloy for casting the type. Those simple elements combined together to create an efficient and economically feasible system for producing books.

Similarly to Gutenberg's printing system, midPoint 4.0 is a revolutionary release. It bring a couple of long-awaited features. However what really matters is a huge amount of improvements and smaller features. Those are designed to work together with existing midPoint features to create a comprehensive and consistent system for identity management and governance. There are also numerous internal improvements and cleanups that enable a long-term maintenance of midPoint 4.0.


Majority of the work on the Watt Gutenberg release was done by the Evolveum team. However, this release would not be possible without the help of our partners, customers, contributors, friends and families. We would like to express our thanks to all the people that contributed to the midPoint project both by providing financial support, their own time or those that maintain a pleasant and creative environment for midPoint team. However, midPoint project would not exist without proper funding. Therefore we would like to express our deepest gratitude to all midPoint subscribers that made midPoint project possible.


Even though this is midPoint 4.0, the numbers in the schema namespaces are still referring to version 3, e.g. This might seems strange and this decision was given a significant amount of consideration.  Version number was introduces to the namespaces in early days of midPoint when such a practice was quite common in the XML world. However, the current consensus of midPoint architects is that the schema versioning mechanism in the XML namespace is far from being ideal. A better versioning mechanism will be needed in the future. The preliminary design is to remove version number from the namespace entirely and use explicit schema versioning that could reflect semantic versioning principles. The preliminary plan is to address this in midPoint 5.0. Which would mean that the namespaces will need to change now and there will be another change in few years when midPoint 5.0 is released. We have decided that the current change from "common-3" to "common-4" would not bring any significant advantage. However, it would significantly complicate the upgrade from midPoint 3.x to midPoint 4.0. Therefore the decision was to keep the "common-3" namespaces. Even though it might look strange, we are doing a very pragmatic decision here that makes midPoint migration much easier for everybody.

Prism API changes

Prism API changes are described in Upgrade to 4.0 - Prism API migration notes.

Upgrade process

Flowing steps are an outline of an upgrade process: