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MidPoint is bundled with an embedded web container. This Stand-alone deployment is the default and recommended deployment option. See Stand-Alone Deployment for more details.

In addition to that, midPoint 4.0.x can be explicitly deployed into a web container. Apache Tomcat is supported as the only web container for midPoint. Support for no other web container is planned. Following Apache Tomcat versions are supported:


Apache Tomcat 8.0.x is no longer supported as its support life is over (EOL).

titleExplicit deployment to web container will be deprecated

Explicit deployment to an external web container was supported since the beginning of midPoint. That was the usual practice at the time when midPoint started. But that was some time ago and the world is a different place now. MidPoint supports stand-alone deployment model for several years. It is now the default and recommended deployment model. It works very well and it simplifies a lot of things. Therefore in order to simplify midPoint maintenance and support we will be deprecating the explicit deployment model. Stand-alone deployment will be the only supported option in the future.


MidPoint supports several databases. However, performance characteristics and even some implementation details can change from database to database. Since midPoint 4.0, PostgreSQL is the recommended database for midPoint deployments.