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Public Interface Changes Since 4.0

  • TODOPrism API was changes in several places. However, this is not yet stable public interface therefore the changes are are not tracked in details.
  • There were numerous changes to the IDM Model Interface (Java). Please see source code history for details. As this is a major release, there might be incompatible changes.
  • Prism interface was changes in many places. There is now a separate prism-api. However, this is not yet stable public interface. Changes to this API are expected in future midPoint versions. Although we will try to keep the changes compatible at least until the next LTS release, incompatible changes may happen occasionally.
  • IDM Model Web Service Interface (SOAP) is deprecated. The plan is to remove support for SOAP SOAP will be removed soon.
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Important Internal Changes Since 4.0


We do not make any claims that midPoint is perfect. Quite the contrary. MidPoint is a practical software, developed by living and breathing developers and deployed in a real world. There are both known and unknown issues in midPoint. Also, midPoint is not feature-complete. New features are introduced in midPoint all the time. But not all of them are completed. There are always some limitations. As the license states, midPoint is provided "AS IS". Please do not rely on midPoint functionality that you have not tested to make sure that it works. MidPoint support and subscription programs are a way how to handle those issues. But even with support service, do not rely on functionality that is not documented. If you plan to use undocumented or non-existing functionality, platform subscription is the right service for you.

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