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Even though we have policy-based approvals, there is still a need for a processes. Maybe there is an enrollment process for a new employee. Maybe that employee needs to get company badge, get keys to the office, attend health&safety training and so on. We may need an algorithmic process which is full of human interaction. That is still a very valid requirement. Process is needed. The point is that it does not make any sense to drive that process in the workflow engine which is integrated into an IDM system. There is usually a company-wide workflow system those days. Company physical security staff will not enjoy logging into the IDM system to work with employee enrollment process and then log into another workflow system to request a time off and do all the other stuff. It does not make sense. IDM-integrated workflow Workflow engine embedded into an IDM system is a bad idea.

What makes sense is the ability for an IDM system to integrate with existing company-wide workflow engine. IDM system should be able to forward a process to a workflow system and continue the process when workflow engine is finished. IDM should not include its own workflow engine. IDM should cooperate with an existing engine.