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Flowing steps are an outline of an upgrade process:

  1. Complete (approve or reject) all open approval work items and processes. It is not possible to migrate open approvals to 4.0 because of the change of approval engine implementation.
  2. Back up your configuration and data.
  3. Make sure that you are not using elements that are planned for removal. If they are used then reconfigure them to their new equivalents. It is recommended to do the same with all deprecated configuration elements.
  4. Stop all tasks, disable end user access to user interface. Delete all workflow-related tasks. (They should be closed now, as all processes were completed in step 1.)
  5. Shutdown midPoint.
  6. Update midPoint distribution binaries.
  7. Run database migration scripts.
  8. Start midPoint. Make sure that tasks are stopped and end user access is disabled.
  9. Update customized initial objects as needed.
  10. Re-add iterationSpecification element to object templates.
  11. Update connector references in the resources.
  12. Run shadow refresh task to populate primaryIdentifierValue in shadow objects.
  13. Mind the warnings in log files. There may be warnings about removal of deprecated items.
  14. Test new configuration.
  15. Start the tasks. Do it with caution. Start the tasks one-by-one, watch for any errors.
  16. Re-enable user access to user interface.