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hostHost of the LDAP server.trueString
userDnThe user distinguished name.trueString
userPasswordThe password (credentials) to use for getting authenticated contexts.trueString
dnPatternThe pattern which will be used to supply a DN for the user.falseString
searchSearch configuration which uses an Ldap filter to locate the user.falseAuthenticationModuleLdapSearchType



patternThe filter expression used in the user search. This is an LDAP search filter (as defined in 'RFC 2254') with optional arguments. Example (uid={0})trueString
namingAttrSpecifying explicit LDAP attribute that is retrieved from user's LDAP account and contains value that matches midPoint's username.falseString
subtreeIf true then searches the entire subtree as identified by context, if false (the default) then only searches the level identified by the context.falseBoolean


serviceProviderBasic configuration of SP.trueAuthenticationModuleSaml2ServiceProviderType
networkNetwork configuration of REST requests.falseAuthenticationModuleSaml2NetworkType


AuthenticationModuleSaml2NetworkType have only two attributes: