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channelIdName (URI) of the channel.trueString
descriptionFree form description (administrator comment).falseString
defaultSpecifies whether this sequence is the default sequence for a specified channel. The default sequence will be chosen in case that specific sequence was not requested, e.g. by using URL suffix. If this element is not present and only a single sequence is defined for a channel, then such sequence is considered to be the default. If more than one sequence is specified then none of them is considered to be default. In that case this element must be used explicitly.falseboolean
urlSuffixURL suffix that can be used to select this authentication sequence specifically.falsetrueString



Code Block
titleExample of default sequence
    	Default GUI authentication sequence.
        We want to try company SSO, federation and internal. In that order.
        Just one of then need to be successful to let user in.
	<nodeGroup oid="05b6933a-b7fc-4543-b8fa-fd8b278ff9ee" relation="org:default" type="c:ArchetypeType"/>