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Gutenberg Update 3

Release 4.0.2 3 is a thirty first -third midPoint release. It is the second maintenance update for 4.0.x version family code-named code-named Gutenberg. The 4.0.x is a long-term support (LTS) version family. The 4.0.2 release brings bugfixes and minor improvements.


  • Support for Java 8 is deprecated. Running midPoint on OpenJDK 8 is supported for midPoint 4.0 and the preliminary plan is to support for the usual lifetime of ordinary support of midPoint 4.0.x line (which means 3 years). But Java 8 support may be shortened, e.g. in case that Oracle or OpenJDK project will stop providing updates to Java 8 platform. It is strongly recommended to upgrade to Java 11 as soon as possible.
  • Support for Oracle Java builds is limited (see below).
  • Support for PostgreSQL 9.5 (9.5, 9.5.1) is deprecated.

  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2014 is deprecated.

  • SOAP-based IDM Model Web Service Interface is deprecated. It will no longer be maintained and it will be completely removed in future versions. Please use RESTful interface instead.
  • As SOAP interface is deprecated, the example SOAP client (model-client component) was removed from midPoint source code. It will no longer be maintained.
  • There are many schema changes, including many incompatible schema changes. Please see the upgrade section below for the details.
  • Activiti BPM that was used as "workflow engine" was removed from midPoint.
  • Support for eDirectory was removed. eDirectory support was a maintenance burden. There is currently no subscriber using eDirectory connector, therefore the code of eDirectory connector was removed from the LDAP connector bundle.
  • Support for BEA/Oracle WebLogic deployment was removed. Weblogic support was maintained because of a special arrangements with one of the first midPoint subscribers. Weblogic support is not needed by that subscriber and it is not used by any other subscriber. Therefore support for Weblogic deployment is no longer available. Tomcat is not the only supported web container. Support for any other containers is not planned.
  • The #selfRequestAssignment GUI authorization is deprecated. It does not provide any access. The #selfRequestAssignments authorization provides access to all assignment shopping cart pages.
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008R2 and Active Directory 2008R2 is no longer supported for new midPoint installations. Those servers may be supported under some circumstances for customers that purchased midPoint subscription before release of midPoint 4.0.2. Please contact Evolveum sales for the details.
  • Support for .NET remote connector server is deprecated.
  • Support for Microsoft Internet Explorer is deprecated.
  • Support for MySQL and MariaDB is deprecated. Those databases will be supported for some time (possibly long time), but support for them will be eventually removed. It is strongly recommended to use PostgreSQL instead.

Releases Of Other Components

  • LDAP connector 2.4.1 was released, it is bundled with midPoint 4.0.3. This version of connector removes legacy eDirectory support.
  • Overlay projects corresponding to version 4.0.2 were released.


  • H2 (embedded). Supported only in embedded mode. Not supported for production deployments. Only the version specifically bundled with midPoint is supported.
    H2 is intended only for development, demo and similar use cases. It is not supported for any production use. Also, upgrade of deployments based on H2 database are not supported.
  • PostgreSQL 12, 11 and 10. This is the recommended option. Support for PostgreSQL 9.5 (9.5, 9.5.1) is deprecated.
  • MariaDB (10.0.28) - DEPRECATED
  • MySQL 5.7 (5.7) - DEPRECATED
  • Oracle 12c
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2016 SP1. Support for SQL Server 2014 is deprecated.


  • Firefox (any recent version)
  • Safari (any recent version)
  • Chrome (any recent version)
  • Opera (any recent version)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer Edge (any recent version 9 or later)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer - DEPRECATED

Recent version of browser as mentioned above means any stable stock version of the browser released in the last two years. We formally support only stock, non-customized versions of the browsers without any extensions or other add-ons. According to the experience most extensions should work fine with midPoint. However, it is not possible to test midPoint with all of them and support all of them. Therefore, if you chose to use extensions or customize the browser in any non-standard way you are doing that on your own risk. We reserve the right not to support customized web browsers.


Tomcat9.0.24Web container
ConnId1.5.0.10ConnId Connector Framework
LDAP connector bundle2.34.1LDAP , and Active Directory and eDirectory connector
CSV connector2.3Connector for CSV files
DatabaseTable connector1.4.3.0Connector for simple database tables


  • There is a support to set up storage of credentials in either encrypted or hashed form. There is also unsupported and undocumented option to turn off credential storage. This option partially works, but there may be side effects and interactions. This option is not fully supported yet. Do not use it or use it only at your own risk. It is not included in any midPoint support agreement.
  • Native attribute with the name of 'id' cannot be currently used in midPoint (
    serverEvolveum Jira
    ). If the attribute name in the resource cannot be changed then the workaround is to force the use of legacy schema. In that case midPoint will use the legacy ConnId attribute names (icfs:name and icfs:uid).
  • We have seen issues upgrading H2 instances to a new version. Generally speaking H2 is not supported for any particular use. We try to make H2 work and we try to make it survive an upgrade, but there are occasional issues with H2 use and upgrade. Make sure that you backup your data in a generic format (XML/JSON/YAML) in regular intervals to avoid losing them. It is particularly important to backup your data before upgrades and when working with development version of midPoint.


Planned release dates are just that: they are planned. We do not promise or guarantee release dates. Software development is a creative activity that includes a lot of inherent risk. We are trying really hard to provide the best estimates. We are not able to provide precise dates for releases or deliveries. Do not rely on midPoint release dates. Plan your project properly to address the risk of delayed midPoint releases.