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titleRelease Notes

Before you start the installation please make sure to see Release Notes for list of environments that are known to work and for the list of known issues in current release.


titleJava platform versions

Java 11 is a recommended platform. Java platform distributions based on OpenJDK are recommended. Oracle JDK builds may work as well, but those have limited support for midPoint (see release notes for the details).

MidPoint 4.0 will run on Java 8, however Java 8 support is deprecated. If you choose to use Java 8 it is strongly recommended to migrate to Java 11 soon. As the situation with free updates to Oracle Java platform is not clear support for Java 8 may be removed even before the midPoint 4.0.x lifetime is over.


Download the midPoint binary release according to the following table:

Unpack the archive file to a convenient location. Following instructions will refer to the relative paths inside this archive.







A home page of the midPoint console should be displayed.