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entityIdUnique identifier of the service provider.trueString
aliasUnique alias used to identify the selected local service provider based on used URL.falseStringBase-on sequence and name of module
aliasForPathAlias used for AssertionConsumerServiceURL.falseString
defaultSigningAlgorithmDefault signing algorithm. Possible values are RSA_SHA1, RSA_SHA256, RSA_SHA512 and RSA_RIPEMD160.falseenumRSA_SHA256
defaultDigestDefault digest method. possible values are  SHA1, SHA256, SHA512 and RIPEMD160.falseenumSHA256
signRequestsFlag indicating whether this service signs authentication requests.falsebooleanfalse
wantAssertionsSignedFlag indicating whether this service requires signed assertions.falsebooleanfalse
singleLogoutEnabledFlag indicating whether this service enable single logout.falsebooleantrue
nameIdName identifiers to be included in the metadata. Supported values are: EMAIL, TRANSIENT, PERSISTENT, UNSPECIFIED and X509_SUBJECT. Order of NameIDs in the property determines order of NameIDs in the generated metadata.falseenum
keysKey used by service provider.falseAuthenticationModuleSaml2KeyType
providerPossible identity providers for this service provider.trueAuthenticationModuleSaml2ProviderType
metadataService provider can use prepared metadata.falseAuthenticationModuleSaml2ProviderMetadataType