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  1. We are developing native repository implementation for PostgreSQL. This implementation will work only for PostgreSQL and it will take advantage of all the database features that we need. This will come with a new and more efficient database schema. For now this is planned to be released in production-ready quality in midPoint 4.4.
  2. We will create a migration plan (and a guide) from all of the supported databases to the new native PostgreSQL repository. The migration path will most likely involve XML export/import of the data.
  3. Both the new native PostgreSQL repository and the old generic implementations will be supported in midPoint 4.4 LTS, planned for release in late 2021. Expected lifetime of midPoint 4.4 LTS is until late 2024. Therefore you will have at least three-year migration period to PostgreSQL if you stick with midPoint 4.4 LTS.
  4. The plans for database support beyond midPoint 4.4 LTS are still quite fuzzy. We have already dropped database support for MySQL and MariaDB, as there was almost no interest for this support in midPoint community. There are no specific plans for dropping support for Oracle and Microsoft SQL, but it may happen eventually.

The new native PostgreSQL repository has a completely new database schema, designed to take full advantage of PostgreSQL capabilities. This database schema is not compatible with the database schema for the old generic repository. Therefore full data migration is needed for any conversion from (old) generic repository implementation to (new) native repository implementation. The migration is done by exporting all the data to XML, setting up a new empty database and importing the XML data. This migration is needed even for migrating data from existing PostgreSQL deployments to the new native PostgreSQL repository, as the database schemas are not compatible.

Support For Database Engines