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In midPoint 3.9 we have implemented a more flexible and powerful approach to schema validation and maintenance. It replaces the standard hibernate Hibernate ORM approach. It is enabled by setting hibernateHbm2ddl parameter to none, which is now the default now for non-H2 databases.

What it does:

  1. First, it determines the state of the database schema by:
    1. running standard hibernate Hibernate schema validation procedure (just like validate option for hibernateHbm2ddl would do),
    2. examining explicit schema version by looking at parameter databaseSchemaVersion in m_global_metadata table. This is a new table introduced in midPoint 3.9.
  2. Then it acts upon these data, either by
    1. continuing with the midPoint startup process,
    2. stopping the midPoint startup process with an appropriate error message,
    3. or trying to remediate the situation e.g. by running a schema creation or schema upgrade SQL script.