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titleRelease Notes

Please make sure to see Release Notes for list of environments that are known to work and for the list of known issues in current release.


Java Development Kit



OpenJDK 11 is recommended Java Development Kit (JDK) to build and run midPoint. JDK 8 will work for midPoint 4.0.x, but it is a deprecated environment. JDK 11 is strongly recommended.

JAVA_HOME environment variable should point to the JDK installation path.

Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files 8

Optional AES-128 is used by default for encrypt/decrypt operations, so JCE is not needed. If you want to use bigger key size, e.g. AES-256, then JCE is required for cryptographic operations. You can download it at After downloading zip file follow installation instructions written in README.txt

titleJava 8 only

MidPoint is supported only on Java 8 platforms. MidPoint supported both Java 7 and Java 8 for several years. The support for Java 7 was deprecated in midPoint 3.4.1 and it was removed in midPoint 3.5.


The midPoint source is available from a Git server. The details regarding Git, Git client software and Git server locations are described in Git page. Short summary of Git coordinates is provided in the following table.



Download and install Maven3 Apache Maven 3.6 or later:

M2_HOME environment variable should point to the Maven installation path.

titleMaven 3.6

MidPoint 4.0.1 and later can be build only by using Apache Maven 3.6 or later.

Prepare MidPoint Software



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