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addAdds object(s) to the repository.
modifyModifies object(s).
deleteDeletes object(s).
enable, disableEnables or disables object(s).
assignAssigns an abstract role or a resource to object(s).
unassignRemoves assignment(s) from object(s).
recomputeRecomputes object(s) (or schedules the recomputation to the future).
executeExecutes a script against the input data.
resumeTaskResumes suspended task(s).
resolveReferenceResolves reference(s).
applyDefinitionApplies definition to shadows or resources.
purgeSchemaRemoves all schema information from given resource(s).
testResourceTests resource(s).
generateValueGenerates value(s) for object(s).
notifySends a custom notification event for objects.
logLogs the input data.