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While linkSource is traditional ObjectSelectorType (providing an ability to filter on object type, subtype, archetype, filter, or org. structure position: TODO add relation here!), linkTarget is more elaborate. It has the following items, besides tradition ones in ObjectSelectorType:


Link matches if it has any of the relation specified. (If no relation is specified, all links match.)

changeSituationIn what situations (change-related) does the link match? (always, added, removed, inNew, inOld, changed, unchanged)

The link target is related to the assignment that brought this policy rule to the focus object. This setting can eliminate the need to  specify linked targets e.g. via archetype, if the archetype itself brings this policy rule to the object.

This filter is approximate only! First, it ignores relations (for now). Second, it ignores whether the assignment that brought this policy rule was really the one that become listed in (old/new) roleMembershipRef. So please do not use it if you need absolute precision.


The link target was matched by some constraint in this policy rule (e.g. assignment modification constraint has a target object equal to assignment target). This setting can eliminate the need to specify linked targets e.g. using archetype.

Highly experimental, probably will be removed.

Recomputing user when device changes