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"Old" state of the object i.e. the one that was present when the clockwork started. It can be present on the beginning or filled-in during projector execution by the context loaded.


"Current" state of the object i.e. the one that was present when the current clockwork click started. It is typically filled-in by the context loader. For projections, it is usually the same as the "old" state, as they are not updated iteratively but only once per clockwork run.


Expected state of the object after application of currentDelta i.e. item deltas computed during current projection: objectCurrentcurrentDelta = objectNew.

primaryDeltaPrimary delta i.e. one that the caller specified that has to be executed.

Synchronization delta i.e. changes that have recently happened. MidPoint reacts to these changes by "pulling them in" (e.g. using them in inbound mappings).

secondaryDeltaSecondary delta i.e. deltas computed for execution relevant for the current clockwork click (Projector run).

Object delta valid for the current clockwork click. It is either primary delta merged with the current secondary delta (if primary delta was not applied yet), or simply current secondary delta.

summaryDeltaObject delta comprising both primary delta and (all) secondary deltas, merged together. For projections, it is the same as currentDelta.
summarySecondaryDelta Summarization of all secondary deltas. For projections, it is the same as secondaryDelta. This is useful e.g. for "preview changes" functionality.
objectDeltaObjectAbsolute Only for focus context: the object-delta-object structure comprising all the computation, i.e. objectOld + summaryDelta = objectNew.
objectDeltaObjectRelative Only for focus context: the object-delta-object structure relative to the current wave, i.e. objectCurrent + currentDelta = objectNew.
objectDeltaObjectOnly for projection contexts: returns object-delta-object structure comprised of objectCurrent + currentDelta = objectNew. But because projection is computed only in a single wave, it is basically the same as "objectOld + summaryDelta = objectNew". That's why we do not distinguish between "absolute" and "relative" object-delta-object for projections.


FeatureMeaningMigration to 4.2
secondaryDeltaFor focus, this was a union of all secondary deltas computed. For projection, it was the secondary delta for the current clockwork click. (Each projection is dealt with in only a single click.)Not directly available any more. Can be obtained by summarizing current secondaryDelta with previous secondary deltas (see secondaryDeltas)Replaced by summarySecondaryDelta.
deltaUnion of primaryDelta and secondaryDelta (i.e. all the secondary deltas).Replaced by summaryDelta.
secondaryDelta (int wave) / waveSecondaryDelta (int wave)Only for focus context: the secondary delta for a specific projection wave (approximately meaning clockwork click).Not directly available any more. Can be obtained by browsing through secondaryDeltas structure - see ObjectDeltaWaves class description below.
secondaryDeltas Only for focus context: secondary deltas indexed by projection wave.Available but with changed semantics, see below.
allDeltas Only for focus context: a list of all deltas (primary, secondary).Not directly available any more.
projectionWaveSecondaryDelta Only for focus context: secondary delta for the current projection wave.Replaced by secondaryDelta.
objectDeltaObjectFor focus context: objectOld + delta = objectNew. For projection context: objectCurrent + delta = objectNew.Replaced by objectDeltaObjectAbsolute for focus and kept unchanged for projections.