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Of course, the recurrence should be set appropriately, to run e.g. once a day.

GUI configuration to display orphaned tasks

To display orphaned tasks in GUI, you can configure object collection with the filter for orphaned tasks.

Object collection looks like

Code Block
titleOrphaned tasks object collection
<objectCollection xmlns="" xmlns:c="" xmlns:icfs="" xmlns:org="" xmlns:q="" xmlns:ri="" xmlns:t="" oid="32456589-1122-1643-2751-469323287545" version="10">
    <name>Orphaned tasks</name>
        <collectionRef oid="00000000-0000-0000-0001-000000000007" relation="org:default" type="c:ObjectCollectionType">
            <!-- All tasks -->

To add menu item for Orphaned tasks collection to the Server tasks section, add the following configuration to  the system configuration.

Code Block
titleOrphaned tasks menu item configuration
                                <collectionRef oid="32456589-1122-1643-2751-469323287545" relation="org:default" type="c:ObjectCollectionType">
                                    <!-- Orphaned tasks -->