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Deprecation, Feature Removal And Incompatible Changes

  • Definition of explicit resource namespace is deprecated, it will be removed soon (element namespace in the resource definition). I.e. the resource namespace cannot be changed, only the default one can be used. This is known as the "ri" namespace. The only supported namespace is the default one (
  • Support for all SOAP services was removed. Please use RESTful interface instead. It is still possible to create custom SOAP services in overlay projects. However, midPoint no longer includes SOAP infrastructure (Apache CXF SOAP components). Overlay authors are responsible for specifying appropriate dependencies and maintenance of their compatibility with current and future midPoint versions.
  • Use of HQL query language for audit log queries and dashboard widgets is deprecated. Please use midPoint query language instead.
  • .NET remote connector server is no longer supported.
  • Apache Tomcat 8.5 is no longer supported.
  • Use of Jasper-based reports in midPoint is deprecated in favor of the new "native" reports. Preliminary plan is to keep Jasper-based reports supported for several releases, but it is recommended to migrate the reports as soon as possible.
  • Support for Microsoft Internet Explorer is deprecated.
  • Support for MySQL and MariaDB is deprecated. Those databases will be supported for some time (possibly long time), but support for them will be eventually removed. It is strongly recommended to use PostgreSQL instead.
  • Explicit deployment to an external web container is deprecated since midPoint 4.1.
  • MidPoint plug-in for Eclipse IDE was never officially supported and it will not be developed any more. This plugin is abandoned in favor of IntelliJ IDEA environment (MidPoint Studio).
  • Unofficial option to use Spring Security modules is no longer available. It was replaced by flexible authentication mechanisms.
  • Unofficial JasperSoft Studio plugin for midPoint is no longer available. There is no plan to make it available again.