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All midPoint releases until 2019 had uniform support lifetime of two years. That essentially means that midPoint subscriber was entitled to ask for a bugfix in any midPoint release that was less that two years old. That was simple and easy model to start with. But it also has its dark sidesside. MidPoint has a rapid release rate. There at least two releases every year. That gives us at least 4 different releases to support at any given moment. Also, it is quite obvious that quality of the releases somehow vary. There are releases packed with new features and then there are releases aimed at stability. Also, we need to keep the codebase maintainable. Which means we need to regularly re-engineer (refactor) parts of midPoint. The re-engineered code is more up-to-date and more maintainable. But initially there might be slight fluctuations, e.g. changed behavior because we have removed bugs that were there for ages and some people actually relied on them.