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The short answer is: because of relativity. The long answer is indeed quite long and it is perhaps best explained using an example. Let's have the same mapping as above that transforms lowercase characters to uppercase. Now consider a situation when invar was changed from "a" to "b". Simple thinking would suggest that we need to execute the expression for the input of "b", which will give us "B" and that's it. But in the language of relativity a change from "a" to "b" actually means: remove value "a" and add value "b". We can denote that as delta [ -a, +b ]. Therefore the expression is invoked twice. First invocation transforms value "a", so we know that we have to remove "A" from the output. Second invocation transforms value "b", so we know that we have to add value "B" to output. The result is delta [ -A, +B ]. This mechanism is designed to work well with multi-value properties (see above) and it often can be optimized for single-value properties. Some of these optimizations are already implemented in midPoint, some are not (please considers sponsoring or subscription to make those optimizations complete). Therefore midPoint may sometimes evaluate a value just to discard it moments later. But the final result should be correct in any case.

Relativity is the reason for multiple execution of expressions, which is perhaps not that difficult to understand. But what often comes as a surprise is that also mapping conditions are executed several times. There is also a good reason for that and it is also based in relativity. And once again it is best to explain using an example. Therefore let's complicate our mapping a bit by adding a condition:



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