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Current implementation of the model is quite simplistic one. It is only processing Inbound and Outbound Expressions and handles Synchronization Examples. RBAC or other "advanced" mechanisms are not yet implemented.


There is no RBAC implementation in the midPoint now. It is designed (see midPoint Advanced Hybrid RBAC) and the implementation awaits prioritization in the Roadmap.

IDM Model and Busines Logic

IDM Model Web Service Interface is probably an interface that will often used by business logic to invoke provisioning operations. This can be used in case that midPoint is a provisioning component of a more complex solution. However, there are limits to this usage. For example an "approval" scenario commonly seen in the IDM deployments may be quite difficult to implement in this way.


Please note that both business logic and GUI depends on the model. Therefore replacing the model may break both default GUI and default business logic.

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