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If the interface is meant to be public it should be listed in Interfaces page.

Dependency Guidelines

Keep number of dependencies reasonable. Do not add new dependency just because you need one simple function that you can easily create and maintain yourself.

Be careful about dependency versioning. If we use a dependency, we use single version of that dependency in all midPoint components. As our dependencies can have dependencies of their own, this may be quite tricky (a.k.a "dependency hell"). We are using dependency convergence plugin to check for some bad situations. But this plugin is not almighty. Therefore be careful.

If you add any new dependency, always notify midPoint architects. The dependency need to be checked for licensing compatibility. Also, NOTICE file may need to be updated. We also want to limit dependency creep. This is very important.

As a rule of the thumb, is it always a good idea to discuss all dependency changes with midPoint architects.


  • Do not use code reformat function on the whole file. Do not use code formatters without thinking. It would be best not to use reformat at all. Set proper code template and let the IDE do its work. Re-indent the code manually if needed.