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Code Block
<resource oid="xxxxx">
        <resourceRef oid="yyyyy"/>

<!-- the following is default -->
-->      -->

  <strictness>strict</strictness>        </dependency>

The definition above specifies that the account on resource xxxxx depends on a default account on resource yyyyy. It means that if both accounts are to be created or modified at the same time then the account on resource yyyyy will be processed before account on resource xxxxx. You can specify kind/intent combination if necessary. You can also have provisioning dependency within the same resource - in that case you don't need to specify resourceRef, but you need to specify kind and intent.


Note that dependency does not imply assignment. It means that if account on resource xxxxx will be assigned to the user is does not mean that also account on resource yyyyy is also assigned to the user. Dependencies are mechanism for ordering operations and do not duplicate policy mechanisms such as assignments and roles. If such automatic assignment is desired then we recommend using roles for this purpose.