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  • OpenLDAP
  • ForgeRock OpenDJ / wren:DS
  • 389 directory server / Red Hat Directory Server / Fedora Directory Server
  • Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition (DSEE) / Sun One / Sun Java System / iPlanet Directory Server
  • eDirectory (in a form of eDirectory Connector)
  • ViewDS

We know that at least some operations of the connector works with these servers and they are supported in some midPoint deployments. However, support for any specific server is not part of standard midPoint subscription and it has to be negotiated separately (see below).

If you are using this connector with a different directory server please let us know. We would like to know both about the positive and negative experiences.


  • Additional search filter does not work for "Sun changelog" synchronization strategy. The structure of changelog does not allow direct application of the filter on server-side. Client side application of filter is not straightforward due various complexities and the implementation is not planned for now.


LDAP connector is bundled with midPoint distribution. Support for LDAP connector is included in standard midPoint support service (a.k.a. bundled support) - however, there are limitations. This "bundled" support only includes operations of LDAP connector that 100% compliant with LDAP standards. Any non-standard functionality is explicitly excluded from the bundled support.