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  • Additional search filter does not work for "Sun changelog" synchronization strategy. The structure of changelog does not allow direct application of the filter on server-side. Client side application of filter is not straightforward due various complexities and the implementation is not planned for now.
  • Synchronization based on modifyTimestamp has a simplistic implementation. It does not support SPR, VLV or referral-following functionality. This synchronization method is inherently inefficient and unreliable. It should be used only as a last resort, if no other method is available.


LDAP connector is bundled with midPoint distribution. Support for LDAP connector is included in standard midPoint support service (a.k.a. bundled support) - however, there are limitations. This "bundled" support only includes operations of LDAP connector that 100% compliant with LDAP standards. Any non-standard functionality is explicitly excluded from the bundled support.