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Build Date

Framework versionBundled with midPoint



download jar


August 2015

Experimental version.

download jar


December 20151.4.2.0

LDAP stable, AD experimental

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April 20161.

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April 20161.4.2.14
Stable. jarGitHubJune 20161.4.2.14
Fixes timeout errors and resource leaks during AD connector resets. jarGitHubJune 20161. fixes. jarGitHubSeptember 20161. improvements. jarGitHubOctober 20161.4.2.18
Minor improvements.
1.4.3Evolveumdownload jarGitHubDecember 20161. improvements.
1.4.4Evolveumdownload jarGitHubApril 20171. and Exchange powershell support, bugfixes, minor improvements.
1.4.5Evolveumdownload jarGitHub3rd July 20171. bugfixes, minor improvements.
1.5Evolveumdownload jarGitHub4th October 20171. powershell execution alternatives and improvements, alternative auxiliary object class detection, explicit object class filter, configurable timestamp presentation, better error messages.
1.5.1Evolveumdownload jarGitHub11th December 20171., 3.7.1Release coupled with AD connector.
1.6Evolveumdownload jarGitHub4th May 20181., 3.8Release coupled with AD connector.
1.6.1Evolveumdownload jarGitHub17th April 20191.4.2.18noneFix of security vulnerability: missing check of certificate validity.
2.0Evolveumdownload jarGitHub7th November 20181. timestamp support. Support for delta-based updates. Additional search filter support.
2.1Evolveumdownload jarGitHub17th April 20191.5.0.0noneOpenLDAP access log synchronization (contributed by Jonathan Gietz)
Object class handling improvements (contributed by Matthias Wolf)
Experimental support for "language-tagged" attributes.
Fix of security vulnerability: missing check of certificate validity.
2.2Evolveumdownload jarGitHub31st May 20191.5.0.0none

Upgrade of Apache Directory API (may fix some connection issues)
Support for substring filter anchors (MID-5383)
Fixing localization of configuration properties

2.3Evolveumdownload jarGitHub13th August 20191.

Upgrade of Apache Directory API
Support for defaultSearchScope

2.4Evolveumdownload jarGitHub22nd November 20191.5.0.0TBD

Removed legacy support for eDirectory
Upgrade of Apache Directory API (2.0e1)
Support for "tree delete" LDAP control.

2.4.1Evolveumdownload jarGitHub23rd September 20201.5.0.0TBD (probably 4.0.3)

Fix configuration order (MID-6312)

3.0Evolveumdownload jarGitHub3rd April 20201.

Fixed detection of polystring attributes.
Implemented baseContextToSynchronize in timestamp-based synchronization.
Java 11 support (no Java 8 support any more).

3.1Evolveumdownload jarGitHub20th October 20201.

Additional filter fixes at several places.
Improved VLV detection.
Proper SPR "abandon".
Improved error handling.
Misc minor fixes.

3.2Evolveumdownload jarGitHub31th March 20211.

Optional unbind before disconnect
Improved connection handling (connection reuse, reconnects)
Upgraded Directory API to Evolveum version 2.0.1e1, which fixes file descriptor leak
Slightly improved logging
includeObjectClassFilter set to true by default


In theory the connector should work with any LDAPv3 compliant LDAP server. However, many servers claim LDAPv3 compliance while the reality is far from ideal. The connector supports "quirks" of several popular LDAP servers and it tolerates some violations of LDAPv3 standards.