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OpenICF trunk version, built and tested by Evolveum

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OpenICF: trunk, revision 6296

Jan 2013

Well tested (now obsolete) jarEvolveum OpenICF git repository (tag connector-databasetable-v1.4.0.49)16 Jan 2015
Bundled with midPoint. jarEvolveum OpenICF git repository (tag connector-databasetable-v1.4.2.0)June 20161.4.2.0Current version. Bundled with midPoint 3.4. jarEvolveum OpenICF git repository (tag connector-databasetable-v1.4.3.0)October 20181.4.2.0Sync Order Column (contributed by Martin Lizner)
Current version. Bundled with midPoint 3.9. jarEvolveum OpenICF git repository (tag connector-databasetable-v1.4.4.0)July 20201.4.2.0Exception handling for creating new connection jarEvolveum OpenICF git repository (tag connector-databasetable-v1.4.5.0)March 20211.4.2.0Using driver's native method for connection validation jarEvolveum OpenICF git repository (tag connector-databasetable-v1.4.6.0)March 20211.4.2.0Logging verbosity improvement


This connector is supposed to work with all relational databases that follow the SQL standard and that provide a JDBC driver. The driver is not  part of the connector distribution (except for PostgreSQL driver, which is distributed with midPoint). The deployer is responsible for using correct JDBC driver.