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  • Java Connector Server is used for ordinary Java-based connectors. It is useful if a connector needs to run on a different host than that where midPoint is running. This is useful mostly for file-based connectors such as CSVFile. It avoids the need to copy or FTP the file to a midPoint host.
  • .NET Connector Server is used for .NET-based connectors. It is usually used only for Active Directory connector or similar connectors to Microsoft-proprietary technologies. Support for .NET connector server is DEPRECATED.

Please refer to the specific pages of the connector servers for download, installation and configuration instructions.


The communication between MidPoint and Connector Server may be protected by SSL. In this case the connector server is a SSL server, midPoint is SSL client. Setup of appropriate cryptographic material needs to be done on both sides.



Connector Server


SSL Client

SSL Server

Crypto material

CA certificate

Keypair (private key and server certificate)


Validate Connector Server certificate

Authorize the connector server to midPoint

How to set up crypto material

Add trusted root CA certificate to midPoint keystore

Configure keypair on connector server SSL: Java, .NET

How to enable SSL

Set protectConnection property in ConnectorHostType to true

Set connectorserver.usessl option to true in the connector server configuration file

The connector server needs any kind of valid SSL server certificate. It does not need to be a "public" certificate, i.e. it does not need to be issues by the public trusted certificate authority. Certificates from a private CA work just fine. There are numerous primers how to set up a private CA for this purpose, e.g. by using OpenSSL tool.