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Channels are identified in midPoint by URL. There are some pre-defined URLs used internally by midPoint for common tasks such as synchronization or import. But the deployer may choose his own URLs for other situations which are frequently used in integration scenarios. The pre-defined channel URLs are defined in the following table.

Channel name



Synchronization: liveSync

Channel used for changes detected by Live Synchronization, the almost-realtime synchronization mechanism. See Synchronization Flavors.

Synchronization: reconciliation

Channel used for changes detected by Reconciliation, i.e. comparing of midPoint state with resource state. See Synchronization Flavors.

Synchronization: discovery

Channel used for changes detected by Discovery, i.e. almost-unintentional detection of changes as a side effect of other operations. See Synchronization Flavors.

Synchronization: import

Used when importing accounts from a resource with the intent to create midPoint users.

RecomputeUsed to recompute object without any explicit change. Will apply policies, object template and outbound mappings for user's accounts.

GUI: user action

Actions of the user in the admin GUI.

Web Service

Actions initiated by invocation of the web service.

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