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Account TestsMederlyOK
User - Account TestsMederlyOK
User Photo TestsMederlyOK
Organization Structure TestsMederlyOK
PolyString TestsMederlyOK
Synchronization TestsMederlyOK (some details: MID-2167)
Advanced Account TestsMederlyOK
Outbound MappingsMederlyOK
Object Template TestsMederlyOK
Password Policy TestsMederlyOK
Provisioning Errors And Consistency TestsMederlyOK
Multi-node task manager component with HA supportMederlyOK
Import From File And Resource TestsMederlyOK
Assignment Enforcement Policy Options TestsMederlyOK
Mapping Features TestsMederlyOK (except for xmlns for javascript mappings, no time to play with that)
GUI authorizationNorisOK (some details: #6 MID-1420 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
ReportsNorisOK (reconciliation report is working, but in my env. is NOT showing owners, because intent is null. But in Pavol's environment it works: MID-2181 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
Workflow FeaturesMederlyTested scenarios 1-5. OK, except for MID-2177 - Getting issue details... STATUS MID-2178 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Generic SynchronizationNorisOK
Bulk actionsMederlyOK
Misc FeaturesMederlyOK
Resource WizardRado 


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