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MidPoint is developed by a team of professional developers with the help of the community. Vast majority of midPoint development is done by the developers affiliated with Evolveum, the company that started midPoint project and funded early midPoint development. MidPoint development is now in a sustained phase. In other words it has to pay for itself. Evolveum is not an investment-fed start-up. Evolveum is an established self-funded company. Every cent that Evolveum pays its developers needs to come from the Evolveum business income. There is no free lunch. Not even in open source.

MidPoint is evolving and it will evolve. However, most of the effort the Evolveum invests to midPoint goes to its maintenance. In other words the money that we have available are primarily invested to midPoint quality, not features. Funds for new features must come from the customers. Someone has to pay for it. Therefore if you are missing a feature in midPoint you can sit and wait. But you will be probably waiting for quite a long time as we will use all of our available resources to satisfy paying customers. Sitting and waiting is not going to help much. You need to take an action to make sure your requirements are satisfied. You have to become midPoint subscriber.

Evolveum has several subscription programs. Some of those programs are especially designed to cover development of new features. If you are interested please contact us. Well will discuss what options are available for you.

Ad-hoc sponsoring is phased out

There was a possibility to pay for a development of a specific midPoint feature in the past. That possibility is currently being phased out. There may still be a possibility for a very limited sponsoring, but that possibility was discontinued in 2018. MidPoint platform subscription is a recommended method for sourcing midPoint features.

Motivation: Ad-hoc sponsoring provides funding for a development of a new feature. But such sponsoring cannot provide funding for maintenance of the feature. Only subscription can do that. Long-term stability and development is paramount for us. Therefore we have decided to decline sponsoring offerings in favor of subscriptions.

If you are interested in sponsoring new midPoint features, please consider purchasing platform subscription or contact Evolveum representatives to discuss a special-purpose cooperation model.

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