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This page summarizes ideas that were not yet "shaped" into a planned feature.

Progressive user profile maintenance

Typical enterprise use case is that the IDM will get almost all user profile data from the HR. But that is not the case for other environments, such as customer IDM or academia. In that case we usually want to collect just a minimum amount of information from the user at the beginning. Yet there may be services that require more personal data.

The idea is to create user profile as needed in a "progressive" way. E.g. when user requests a service that requires additional data item, the user has to enter that additional data item as part of the request. Similarly when access to a system was assigned to a user, the user has to manually enter the data item (and possibly consent to data processing).

This feature is partially implemented by the ability to include custom form in approval GUI that can be used to fill out user profile. But that is not yet a complete feature as this is only aimed at administrators. There is no support for user to fill out the missing data.

Self-service management of orgs

TODO: "democratic" or "ad-hoc" approach to org management

User relationship

TODO: contacts: family, friends

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