MidPoint is designed to be upgradeable. MidPoint has a semi-fixed release cycle with two releases per year therefore upgradeability from one version to another is critical. MidPoint has a built-in tools to support the upgrades as well as every minor release contains database scripts and upgrade instructions. We also recommend to all our partners to offer free upgrades of midPoint to their customers at least once per year.

MidPoint Releases and Upgradability

There are three types of midPoint releases. The upgradeability of each particular release type is different.

The important thing to remember is that there is always an upgrade path for deployment that have midPoint subscription. Even for major releases.  The only difference is the difficulty of individual upgrades. MidPoint protects your investment. Your work on midPoint configuration will never be ruined by upgrading from one release to another. Even if there are major changes and parts of functionality are dropped you will have enough time to adapt to the change (see below).

Upgrade Support and Subscription

Upgradeability may look like an easy thing to do. But it is not. In fact it is one of the most difficult parts of software lifecycle management. Especially when it comes to upgrades of such a complex and flexible piece of software as all Identity Management products tend to be. We have done our best in midPoint to support smooth upgradeability. We have a support for data structures that are independent of actual database structure. We have support for namespaces which reduces the risk of conflicting extensions and new midPoint features. The namespaces also properly support data format versioning. And many more features that are unique in both identity management field and also in open source software in general. These features contribute to a relatively easy upgrades. But upgrades are never completely easy. Care should be taken during upgrades. We strongly recommend to read release notes carefully and to thoroughly test the configuration after each upgrade.

There are two possible upgrade paths:

Please see Long-Term Support page for the details.

Support Duration

Support is provided only to midPoint subscribers. Support lifetimes are different for feature releases and long-term support (LTS) release.

Please see Long-Term Support page for the details.

Some midPoint features may become obsolete over time. When a feature becomes obsolete it will be marked as deprecated but it is not removed immediately. The feature will remain operational for at least one minor release, but it usually remains available for much longer time. The feature may be removed in any subsequent release after the release in which it was marked as deprecated.


MidPoint support is a paid service provided by Evolveum. There is no free service provided by Evolveum to support midPoint.

However, there is a community communication channel that can be used to discuss midPoint-related topics, in a form of public mailing lists. This is community service, which means it is provided to the community by community. It is not provided by Evolveum. Evolveum only maintains the means of communication (mailing lists) and occasionally participates in the service. But there are absolutely no guarantees regarding any communication in midPoint community.

Bugs reported by community are considered to be low priority issues. Community bug reports are processed by midPoint development team, however ti may take a long time until the issues get fixed (usually counted in years). Fixes based on reports from the community will not be backported to the maintenance (support) branch. The only exception are security issues and critical functionality bugs. Such fixes may be included in the next maintenance release.

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