Release 3.1 is a eleventh midPoint release code-named Sinan. The Sinan release brings new usability features and significantly improved user interface. It also improves performance, diagnostics and overall product quality.

Release date: 2nd February 2015


Mimar Sinan (1489-1588) was the chief Ottoman architect and civil engineer. He was responsible for the construction of more than 300 structures ranging from simple roads to magnificent marvels of architecture. The list of his works is very long and it includes surprisingly high number of civic structures that provided benefit to the society: colleges, bath-houses, inns, public kitchens, bridges, store houses, granaries, schools, aqueducts and hospitals. Sinan remained in the post of chief architect for almost fifty years which made him one of the most productive and versatile architect in history.

Much alike many of Sinan's structures MidPoint version 3.1 brings stability, usability and other benefits to midPoint users. User interface improvements makes midPoint accessible to a broad user community. Diagnostics and stability improvements contribute to easy operation and maintenance of midPoint deployments. Similarly to Sinan himself MidPoint 3.1 is meant to be very productive and versatile. It can be deployed surprisingly quickly and supports wide variety of deployment types. MidPoint 3.1 is suitable for management of enterprise employee identities, customer identities, Internet identities or any kind of identities in almost any kind of environment.


Majority of the work on the Sinan release was done by the Evolveum team. However, this release would not be possible without the help of our partners, customers, contributors, friends and families. We would like to express a great gratitude to all the people that contributed to the midPoint project.

MidPoint version 3.1 is named after Mimar Sinan, one of the greatest Turkish architects. By doing so we would like to express a special thanks to our Turkish partner Biznet for their contribution to the midPoint project and for their loyal support.

 We would also like to thank:


midPoint 3.1 provides following features:

Changes with respect to version 3.0


Release 3.1 (Sinan) is intended for full production use in enterprise environments. All features are stable and well tested.


MidPoint is known to work well in the following deployment environment. The following list is list of tested platforms, i.e. platforms that midPoint team or reliable partners personally tested this release. The version numbers in parentheses are the actual version numbers used for the tests. However it is very likely that midPoint will also work in similar environments. Also note that this list is not closed. MidPoint can be supported in almost any reasonably recent platform (please contact Evolveum for more details).


Please note that Java 6 environment is no longer supported.

Web Containers


Unsupported Platforms

Following list contains platforms that midPoint is known not to work due to various issues. As these platforms are obsolete and/or marginal we have no plans to support midPoint for these platforms.

Download and Install

Release Form


Install Instructions


Installing midPoint from Binary Distribution v3.1


Installing midPoint from Source Code v3.1

Java API [ZIP]


Schema Doc [ZIP]



Upgrade from midPoint 2.x

Upgrade from version 2.x is possible but it is not publicly supported. It requires several manual steps. Evolveum provides this upgrade as part of the subscription or professional services.

Upgrade from midPoint 3.0

Several steps need to be executed:

  1. Update database schema. MidPoint database schema was extended due to organization structure performance improvements (a.k.a. "org closure table"). Execute the following script:
  2. Update connector namespaces and versions. The default connectors that are bundled with midPoint were migrated from OpenICF to Evolveum Polygon project (see this mailing list post). Connector bundle names and types were changed to avoid confusion. Therefore the connector types and namespaces used in the resource definitions need to be changes according to the following table:
LDAP Connector Configuration Namespace
CSVFile Connector Configuration Namesapce
CSVFile Connector Typeorg.forgerock.openicf.csvfile.CSVFileConnectorcom.evolveum.polygon.csvfile.CSVFileConnector
DatabaseTable Connector Configuration Namesapce


Background and History

midPoint is roughly based on OpenIDM version 1. When compared to OpenIDM v1, midPoint code was made significantly "lighter" and provides much more sophisticated features. Although the architectural outline of OpenIDM v1 is still guiding the development of midPoint almost all the OpenIDM v1 code was rewritten. MidPoint is now based on relative changes and contains advanced identity management mechanisms such as advanced RBAC, provisioning consistency and other advanced IDM features. MidPoint development is independent for more than two years. The development pace is very rapid. Development team is small, flexible and very efficient. Contributions are welcome.

For the full project background see the midPoint History page.

Known Issues

See Jira

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