This feature is abandoned. It is no longer developed.

There is an experimental jasper report query executor which can be used in Jaspersoft Studio to build custom reports. This plugin requires running midPoint and some configuration in Jaspersoft Studio. Source code of the plugin can be find on github. To be honest, it is still not perfect and bugs may exist. In the case you'll find some bugs, please create an issue in our JIRA and assign it to Katka Bolemant

Configure Jaspersoft Studio with midPoint plugin

  1. Install Jaspersoft Studio
  2. Build and deploy midPoint
  3. Build jaspersoft-midpoint integration plugin
  4. Open Jaspersoft Studio
  5. Create new project
  6. Add libs to classpath: Right click on project -> Build Path -> Configure Build Path -> Add External JARs button
    The list is based on 3.1.1 tag, exact lib version may vary in future releases. Add the following libs on the classpath:
  7. Configure new query executor in Jaspersoft Studio
  8. Create new Data adapter (in Jaspersoft Studio - Repository tab)
  9. Probably after you configure Jaspersoft Studio you will need to restart it (some class loading problems)
  10. Run report with the midPoint adapter (created in the previous step) - see below in Usage



  1. In studio, open project as described above.
  2. Add new report (New->Jasper Report) or manually create .jrxml file in your JaspersoftWorkspace/<project> folder.
  3. Login to midPoint and go to Reports->List reports, Configure button at desired report and then click Jasper Template tab.
  4. Copy whole Jasper template XML to your new studio report.
  5. Now you need to copy styles:
    1. In midPoint, Jasper template style tab - copy inner content of <jasperTemplate> tag. Starting with <style>...
    2. Add style lines to your studio report - usually under last <property> or <import> tag at the near top of source.
  6. In studio, click Preview tab and choose mql as data adapter.
  7. Fill in input parameters (if any) and click Play.