Various ideas of upgrades in midpoint will be shown here. Consider these ideas just as ideas and also feel free to add your thoughts to comments.

Name vs displayName

We have two columns in the GUI: name and displayName. We do not want two columns. We want one columns that will show displayName (if present) or name (if displayName is not present). However, how do to sort/search this column?

We could search by using "or". But that can be a hit for DB performance. And it does not solve sorting. Sorting by name or displayName will not provide good results.

Obviously, we need a column that will have this information already compiled. Something like effectiveDisplayName. But then there is still a general problem of polystrings and localization: See PolyString Design Notes.

Orgtree Managers

First idea of upgrade is better UI in viewing organization structure. This idea will make better searching of competent users in org unit and whole availability.

All points are shown at pictures underneath.


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