We appreciate any kind of feedback regarding the software, development process or overall way of interaction with the community. There are two primary ways how to contact us regarding midPoint:

midPoint Mailing List

The mailing list is focused on informal, unstructured communication. This is a good place to ask generic questions and suggest improvements. The team will also post more or less regular updates regarding midPoint development and ask for opinions. Therefore the mailing list is a good place to be if you are interested in following midPoint development and influencing its direction.

See also all other midPoint Mailing Lists

midPoint Jira

We use Jira as an universal issues tracking system. All bug reports should be filed in Jira, so we will not forget about them. Similarly for feature requests or any other structured communication.

The important thing is to keep information in Jira structured. It means that following items should go to Jira:

Any registered user can submit issues to Jira.

Unstructured communication, general discussion or vague ideas should first be discussed in mailing lists (see above).